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About Eurofins Clinical Enterprise

Eurofins Clinical Enterprise and our program partners will guide you through the enrollment process, onboarding, and testing your participants.

Eurofins Clinical Enterprise specializes in genetic testing, and is using our expertise for COVID-19 testing, screening, and surveillance solutions across the United States. Our high-capacity lab offers accurate RT-PCR testing with rapid turnaround. We are designed to be the largest U.S. COVID-19 testing lab in the Eurofins' global response to the pandemic.

To meet the changing needs for COVID-19 testing, Clinical Enterprise offers FDA EUA approved RT-PCR COVID-19 tests for individual diagnostic and screening testing under EUA210023 (direct-to-consumer) and EUA210239 (Rx), as well as pooled screening testing of up to 10 swabs under EUA210239 (Rx).

If your COVID-19 testing needs are beyond the scope of the Operation Expanded Testing program, please contact us for cost-effective options to keep you and your team safe and healthy.